Our Staff




Kindergarten Teams

Mr. Tsaltas and Ms. Staley

Ms. Ciechanowicz and Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Boutilier and Ms. Wood


Early Years Specialist / Outdoor Education

Mr. Roberge


Primary Division

1/2  Mr. Parker

1/2  Mrs. Powell

1/2  Ms. Tamasi

1/2  Mr. Service

2/3  Ms. Kowalski & Ms. Hari

3      Ms. Flattery

3/4  Mrs. Timothy


Junior Division

4/5  Mr. Hladysh

4/5  Mr. Trivisano

5/6  Mr. Porawski

6/7  Mr. Melo


Intermediate Division

7/8  Mr. Carrier

7/8  Mr. Prosolowski

7/8  Ms. Vink


ASD Classroom

Mrs. Moore


Learning Support Team

Ms. Letkemen (LST and Elementary Guidance Lead)

Mrs. Lattanzio (LST and Empower Teacher)

Mr. Langford (LST)

Ms. Friedmann (Classroom Literacy Support Teacher)


Junior/Intermediate French

Mr. Roberge

Mme Roberts



Ms. Friedmann



Mrs. Petrosyan



English Language Learning

Mr. Jeffrey


Educational Assistants

Ms. Abou Khorj

Mrs. Baker

Ms. Frank

Mr. Gibbs

Mrs. Ings

Ms. Jones

Ms. Kilmer

Ms. MacDouell

Mrs. McGlone

Mrs. Medeiros

Mrs. Robb


Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kramer


Administrative Secretary

Ms. Howard


Charge Custodian

Mr. McNeilly


Evening Custodian

Mr. DeMille

Mr. Bryce


Vice Principal

Mr. Brown



Mr. Gordon

Superintendent – Purveen Skinner

Assistant to Superintendent –  Amanda Gallacher